Meet Us

Nurse Practitioner

Why C3?

“C3 provides fact based reproductive health care, which can sometimes be hard to find; taking the time for education allows each person we serve to make informed decisions.”

Bilingual Contraceptive Counselor

Why C3?

“Porque mujeres que hablan Español, pueden recibir servicios ginecológicos de alta calidad a un costo muy accesible y en su idioma”

“Because women who are Spanish speakers can receive high quality gynecological care at an affordable cost, and in their own language.”

Contraceptive Counselor

Why C3?

“Being able to determine if and when to have a child should be a basic human right regardless of race, ethnicity, economic status, gender identity etc.  I love C3 because it helps to make that a reality by removing knowledge and access barriers to contraception and empowering patients to make informed decisions about their reproductive health.”

Medical Secretary II

Medical Assistant