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Do you currently use the hormonal IUD or implant?
Is it time to have it removed?
Do you desire contraception for the next 12 months?
Are you 18-45 years old?

The Effectiveness of Prolonged use of IUD/Implant for Contraception (EPIC) study is investigating the use of these methods past the current U.S. FDA-approved duration.  The study involves a 15-minute telephone enrollment survey and up to 6 follow-up telephone surveys.  There is no in-person visit required and you will be compensated up to $140 for your participation.

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Have you had unprotected intercourse in the previous 5 days?
Are you interested in the 5-year hormonal IUD?
Are you 14-45 years old?

The Leveonorgestrel IUD For Emergency Contraception (LIFE) study is investigating the use of the 5-year hormonal IUD as a method of Emergency Contraception (EC).  Participation involves a 30-minute clinic visit for enrollment and distribution of your EC method, a 5-minute clinic visit 4-6 weeks later to check a pregnancy test and complete a survey, and a follow-up survey at 6 and 12 months.  At time of enrollment, you have a 3:1 chance of receiving an immediate IUD placement or EC pill, at no cost.  You will receive a $20 gift card when you sign up and for each of the follow-up surveys, for a total of up to $80 in gift cards.

If you are interested, please contact us at or 314-747-0800